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Ribert Searches For His Family

I fed the story I wanted into Grammarli-go, "A frog named Ribert goes in search of his family and encounters many obstacles along the way."

I then used Adobe Express BETA to create the art.

According to the world of copyright... AI-generated works cannot be copyrighted in the US.

Please enjoy the AI-Generated Children's Book, Ribert In Search of His Family.

PS My pseudonym is R.D. Moore

Once there was a tadpole named Ribert who lived in a pond with his siblings. One day, Ribert overheard the older frogs talking about their parents and how they had left the pond in search of a better home. Ribert became curious and wanted to find his parents too.

Without wasting any time, Ribert set out on his journey. However, he soon realized that the world outside the pond was full of challenges and obstacles.

He encountered a stream that was too strong for him to swim across

A pond with dangerous predators, and…

…a dry land with no water in sight.

But Ribert refused to give up. He remembered his parents' advice to never lose hope and to keep swimming. He kept pushing himself, and with each obstacle, he grew stronger and more determined.

Finally, Ribert reached a beautiful pond with clear water and lots of plants and rocks.

He saw two frogs that looked just like him and knew they were his parents. They were overjoyed to see Ribert and hugged him tightly. They had been searching for him, too, and were thrilled he found them.

Ribert had finally found his family, and he realized that the journey had been worth it. He had learned to never give up and to keep swimming towards his goals, no matter how challenging the path may be.

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